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Biacore T200非标记相互作用分析系统
Biacore T200 是一种用于具体研究生物分子相互作用的、多用途的、无标记分析系统,其应用贯穿从新药物发现和开发的早期研究设计一直到最终生产的质量控制阶段。这套系统以其卓越的灵敏度提供实时的高质量的动力学、亲和力、浓度、结合特异性、选择性以及热力学相互作用的数据。即便是动力学范围的极端结合和解离速率的相互作用表征也可以获得比以往任何时候更加精确和可靠的分析。 关键性能和优点: • 获取从最快结合速率到最慢的解离速率范围内的高质量动力学数据 • 分析最小的低分子量(LMW)化合物参与的相互作用 • 可自动处理多达384 种样品 • 使用向导的流程引导及内置的数据质量评估以及诸如单循环动力学和无须标准物的校正浓度分析等工具,更快地获取最终结果 • 可回收样品用于后续的质谱鉴定 • 运用专用工具进行可靠的免疫原性检测

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In vitro Assessment of Pathogen Effector Binding to Host Proteins by Surface Plasmon Resonance
[Abstract]  The mechanisms of virulence and immunity are often governed by molecular interactions between pathogens and host proteins. The study of these interactions has major implications on understanding virulence activities, and how the host immune system recognizes the presence of pathogens to initiate an immune response. Frequently, the association between pathogen molecules and host proteins are assessed using qualitative techniques. As small differences in binding affinity can have a major biological effect, in vitro techniques that can quantitatively compare the binding between ...

Surface Plasmon Resonance Analysis of Antigen-Antibody Interaction
[Abstract]  Molecular interaction between monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and their recognized antigen is a fundamental event leading to the neutralization activity. Estimation of their binding affinity gives beneficial information to characterize the MAbs and to develop more effective MAbs. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) analysis is a powerful tool to analyze the molecular interaction, enabling rapid and repetitive estimation with relatively small amount of sample. Here we describe a general protocol about SPR analysis on the interaction between viral antigen and human MAb (HuMAb) IgG. Anti-human Fcγ is ...