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Extraction of Small Molecules from Fecal Samples and Testing of Their Activity on Microbial Physiology
[Abstract]  The human body is colonized by vast communities of microbes, collectively known as microbiota, or microbiome. Although microbes colonize every surface of our bodies that is exposed to the external environment, the biggest collection of microbes colonizing humans and other mammals can be found in the gastrointestinal tract. Given the fact that the human gut is colonized by several hundred microbial species, our group hypothesized that the chemical diversity of this environment should be significant, and that many of the molecules present in that environment would have important signaling ... [摘要]  人体被巨大的微生物群体统称为微生物群体或微生物群体。尽管微生物在我们身体的每一个暴露于外部环境的表面上定殖,但人类和其他哺乳动物中最大量的微生物可以在胃肠道中找到。鉴于人类肠道已被数百种微生物物种繁殖,我们的团队假设这种环境的化学多样性应该是显着的,并且该环境中存在的许多分子将具有重要的信号传导作用。因此,我们制定了一个协议,从人类粪便中提取这些分子并测试其信号特性。可以通过添加培养基并分析细菌生长和基因表达以及其他性质来测试潜在的生物活性提取物。本文描述的方案提供了一种简便且快速的方法,用于使用肠道沙门氏菌作为模型生物体从粪便样品中提取和测试代谢物。该方案还可以适用于从其他基质如培养的哺乳动物细胞,组织,体液和无菌微生物培养物中提取小分子,并且可以针对各种微生物物种测试所得提取物。

【背景】复杂的微生物群落生活在人类和人类身上,将暴露于外部环境的每个表面都定殖。几十年来,这些社区已经获得了几个教派,其中包括正常的植物群,微生物群和最近的微生物群(Sekirov等人,2010年; ...

Generation and Screening of a Non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae Tn-seq Mutant Library
[Abstract]  The genome-wide screen Tn-seq (van Opijnen et al., 2009) is very valuable tools to identify bacterial genes with a conditionally essential function, for instance genes involved in bacterial virulence. These techniques are based on the generation of a random mutant library, which is grown in a control of challenge situation (Figure 1). The advantage of using a mariner transposon for the generation of a random transposon mutant library is its insertion into TA sites, which makes the insertion in the genome highly random. In addition, an MmeI restriction site can be introduced in the ... [摘要]  全基因组筛选Tn-seq(van Opijnen等人,2009)是鉴定具有条件必需功能的细菌基因(例如涉及细菌毒力的基因)的非常有价值的工具。 这些技术基于产生随机突变体文库,其在挑战情况的对照中生长(图1)。 使用水手转座子产生随机转座子突变体文库的优点是其插入TA位点,这使得在基因组中的插入高度随机。 此外,可以在转座子的反向重复中引入MmeI限制位点,而不影响HimarC9转座酶的识别。