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DMEM, High Glucose, Pyruvate, no Glutamine


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Coupling of HIV-1 gp120-derived Core Protein to Paramagnetic Beads and Adsorption Assays
[Abstract]  Analysis of the functional activity in polyclonal serum following immunization of a complex protein or glycoprotein immunogen is a very important but tedious process. Fine mapping of epitope-specific antibodies is difficult when they are elicited at relatively low levels. In our recent study focused on developing an HIV-1 vaccine, we immunized rabbits with hyperglycosylated stable core immunogens, which were designed using high-resolution structural information to elicit antibodies against the primary receptor-binding, CD4-binding site on HIV-1 gp120. Using a solid phase adsorption assay, we ... [摘要]  我们使用"微汤姆"来研究番茄果实成熟和发育机制。 "微汤姆"适合于培养和实验,由于其小尺寸10至20厘米的高度和短的生命周期3个月。 还有大量关于"Micro-Tom"的公开信息,包括EST,全长cDNA克隆和转录组数据。 "Micro-Tom"植物在水培培养基中在荧光下使用在温室或植物室中的拟南芥文化架来生长,以获得具有转录组和蛋白质组分析的可重复性的数据。...

Longitudinal Bioluminescent Quantification of Three Dimensional Cell Growth
[Abstract]  The use of three-dimensional (3D) cell culture systems is widely accepted as representing a more physiologically relevant means to propagate mammary epithelial and breast cancer cells. However, 3D cultures systems are plagued by several experimental and technical limitations as compared to their traditional 2D counterparts. For instance, quantifying the growth of mammary epithelial or breast cancer organoids longitudinally is particularly troublesome using standard [3H]thymidine or MTT assay systems, or using computer-assisted area calculations. Likewise, the nature of the ... [摘要]  使用三维(3D)细胞培养系统被广泛接受为代表更多生理相关手段以增殖乳腺上皮和乳腺癌细胞。然而,与其传统的2D对应物相比,3D培养系统受到若干实验和技术限制的困扰。例如,使用标准的[3 H]胸苷或MTT测定系统或使用计算机辅助面积计算,纵向量化乳腺上皮或乳腺癌组织的生长是特别麻烦的。同样,在3D条件下由乳腺癌细胞形成的多细胞聚集体和类器体的性质阻止了细胞从3D基质的有效回收,这是耗时的并且导致假的结果的事件。这里描述的测定利用萤火虫荧光素酶的稳定表达作为定量在3D矩阵内传播的细胞的纵向生长的手段。该技术的主要优点包括其高通量性质和在规定的时间段内纵向跟踪单个孔的能力,从而降低与测定性能相关的成本。最后,该技术可以容易地与药物治疗和/或遗传操作组合以测定它们对3D类器官生长的影响。

Process and Analysis of Kidney Infiltrates by Flow Cytometry from Murine Lupus Nephritis
[Abstract]  Methods for the isolation and characterization of mononuclear phagocytes from the kidneys of mice with SLE are essential to understand the patho-physiology of the disease. Activation of these cells is associated with the onset of clinical disease in mice and infiltration with these cells is associated with poor prognosis in humans.An analysis of the function of these cells should lead to a better understanding of the inflammatory processes that lead to renal impairment in SLE and other renal inflammatory diseases. [摘要]  分离和鉴定SLE(系统性红斑狼疮)小鼠肾脏单核吞噬细胞是了解疾病的病理生理必不可少的方法。这些细胞的激活与小鼠临床疾病的发病相关,并且这些细胞的浸润和人类疾病的预后不良相关。能够了解这些细胞的功能状态,就能更深入的了解SLE中导致肾功能不全和其他肾炎性疾病的炎症过程。