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1100 psi Rupture disks

1,100 psi破裂盘

公司名称: Bio-Rad Laboratories
产品编号: 1652329
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Biolistic Bombardment for Co-expression of Proteins Fused to YFP and mRFP in Leaf Epidermal Cells of Phaseolus vulgaris ‘Red Mexican’
[Abstract]  Biolistic bombardment is based on coating of tungsten or gold particles with DNA and delivery of these “biobullets” into living plant cells under high pressure (Sudowe and Reske-Kunz, 2013). This method enables transient expression of a DNA construct encoding fusion of the protein of interest to a fluorescence protein e.g. GFP for microscopic approaches. Usually it is performed for plants for which infiltration with Agrobacterium tumefaciens does not work efficiently e.g. model plant Arabidopsis thaliana (Ueki et al., 2009). Although transfection ... [摘要]  生物轰击基于用DNA涂覆钨或金颗粒,并在高压下将这些"生物小球"递送到活的植物细胞中(Sudowe和Reske-Kunz,2013)。 该方法使得能够瞬时表达编码感兴趣的蛋白质与荧光蛋白例如GFP的融合物的DNA构建体用于显微方法。 通常,其对于用土壤杆菌根瘤土壤渗入不能有效工作的植物进行,例如模拟植物拟南芥(Ueki et al。 ,2009)。 虽然转染率相对较低,但仍然足以在荧光显微镜下分析目标蛋白的亚细胞定位。 在这里,我们提出针对 Nicotiana benthamiana 优化的方案,并成功地应用于 Phaseolus vulgaris (Giska ,2013)。