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VectaMount AQ Aqueous Mounting Medium

VectaMount AQ水性安装介质

公司名称: Vector Laboratories
产品编号: H-5501
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Quantification of Rae-1 Staining Intensity in Glomeruli
[Abstract]  NKG2D is expressed on all NK cells and on subsets of NKT, CD8, CD4 and γδ T cells. NKG2D is activated by NKG2D ligands, a stress-induced family of MHC-I-like proteins. These ligands are upregulated on stressed/infected cells and are not widely expressed on healthy adult tissue. NKG2D ligands have been widely studied as potential targets for immunotherapeutic approaches in cancer and auto-immune diseases such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Here we describe a method for quantifying the expression levels of the Rae-1 NKG2D ligand in the glomeruli of healthy and diseased individuals via a novel ... [摘要]  NKG2D在所有NK细胞上和在NKT,CD8,CD4和γδT细胞的子集上表达。 NKG2D被NKG2D配体激活,NKG2D配体是应激诱导的MHC-I样蛋白家族。这些配体在应激/感染的细胞上上调,并且不在健康成人组织上广泛表达。 NKG2D配体已被广泛研究作为在癌症和自身免疫疾病如系统性红斑狼疮中的免疫治疗方法的潜在靶标。在这里我们介绍一种方法通过一个新的算法,量化健康和患病个体的肾小球Rae-1 NKG2D配体的表达水平。 MRL小鼠用作阳性对照菌株,因为其自发产生狼疮样表型,其中一个主要影响是严重的肾小球肾炎。 MRL/MpJ小鼠在约12个月龄时自发产生该表型,而具有相同遗传背景但在Fas等位基因中产生自发纯合突变的MRL/MpJlpr小鼠发展类似但更严重的症状〜3 -4个月龄(Spada等人,2015)。