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Image-iT® Fixation/Permeabilization Kit

Image-iT ®固定/渗透试剂盒

公司名称: Thermo Fisher Scientific
产品编号: R37602
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EdU Based DNA Synthesis and Cell Proliferation Assay in Maize Infected by the Smut Fungus Ustilago maydis
[Abstract]  The basidiomycetous smut fungus Ustilago maydis (U. maydis) infects all aerial parts of its host plant maize (Zea mays L.). Infection is seen in the form of prominent tumorous symptoms after the establishment of a biotrophic interaction with the host, usually around 5-6 days after infection. The fungus colonizes the various developmentally distinct aerial organs at different stages of development. Formation of tumors is coupled with the induction of host cell division. Activation of cell division can be understood as a measure of DNA synthesis which is triggered to ... [摘要]  落叶青霉菌(Basidiomycetous smut fungus)Ustilago maydis( U。maydis )感染其宿主植物玉米的所有地上部分( Zea mays 感染在与宿主生物营养相互作用建立后通常在感染后约5-6天以突出的肿瘤症状的形式见到。真菌在不同发育阶段定殖各种发育不同的气生器官。肿瘤的形成与宿主细胞分裂的诱导相结合。细胞分裂的激活可以理解为DNA合成的量度,其被触发以诱导宿主细胞中的快速分裂。这种开发的协议有助于跟踪肿瘤的诱导。 maydis通过监测植物中的DNA合成来实现。 在幼苗叶中感染的几个阶段用5-乙炔基-2-脱氧尿苷(EdU)处理感染的叶并标记。通过连接荧光标签显现S期细胞中的EdU掺入,并用碘化丙啶(PI)染色未分裂的玉米核。这个协议有助于了解肿瘤的发展。 maydis 通过共聚焦激光扫描显微术(Kelliher和Walbot,2011; Redkar等人,2015)