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Eppendorf® Safe-Lock microcentrifuge tubes

Eppendorf ®安全锁微量离心管

公司名称: Sigma-Aldrich
产品编号: T2795
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Quantifying Auxin Metabolites in Young Root Tissue of Medicago truncatula by Liquid Chromatography Electrospray-ionisation Quadrupole Time-of-flight (LC-ESI-QTOF) Tandem Mass Spectrometry
[Abstract]  Auxins represent a major group of phytohormones controlling plant development. The spatio-temporal regulation of auxin gradients is essential for the initiation, growth and correct development of plant organs. Because auxins and their metabolites occur at trace levels in plant tissue, experiments requiring identification plus their selective and specific quantification can be most conveniently achieved using mass spectrometry (MS) and the associated chromatographic methods. With the advent of appropriate liquid-based ionisation techniques, emphasis has moved from the use of gas chromatography ... [摘要]  生长素运输能力的测量提供了涉及植物中生长素运输的生理机制的定量数据。 这种技术很容易执行,并给出快速的结果。 将放射性标记的生长素(吲哚-3-乙酸)通过琼脂块加入到Medic藜苜蓿的根部。 使用液体闪烁计数器测量根中放射性标记的生长素摄取的最终放射性。 在这里,我们描述了生长素运输能力周围的结瘤敏感区在年轻幼苗根的测量。 truncatula 响应根瘤菌接种。 类似的测定可以适用于其他植物物种并回答其他生物学问题。...

Seed Storage Reserve Analysis
[Abstract]  One of the major goals of plant research is to improve crop yield, by for instance increasing seed oil or protein content. Besides this, extensive research is done to change seed fatty acid (FA) composition in order to make vegetable oils more suitable for specific purposes. To determine the effect of genetic changes on seed FA composition, oil, protein and sugar content it’s important to use standardised protocols to compare results between different research groups. Here we describe standardised methods for the analysis of seed FA composition, oil, protein and sugar content. [摘要]  植物研究的主要目标之一是通过例如增加种子油或蛋白质含量来改善作物产量。 除此之外,还进行了广泛的研究以改变种子脂肪酸(FA)组成,以使植物油更适合于特定目的。 为了确定遗传变化对种子FA组成,油,蛋白质和糖含量的影响,使用标准化方案来比较不同研究组之间的结果是重要的。 在这里我们描述标准化的方法,用于分析种子FA组成,油,蛋白质和糖含量。