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Growth factor-reduced Matrigel®

Corning ® Matrigel 生长因子减少(GFR)基底膜基质,* LDEV-Free

公司名称: Corning
产品编号: 354230
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Live Imaging of Myogenesis in Indirect Flight Muscles in Drosophila
[Abstract]  The indirect flight muscles (IFMs) are the largest muscles in the fly, making up the bulk of the adult thorax. IFMs in Drosophila are generated during pupariation by fusion of hundreds of muscle precursor cells (myoblasts) with larval muscle templates (myotubes). Prominent features, including the large number of fusion events, the structural similarity to vertebrate muscles, and the amenability to the powerful genetic techniques of the Drosophila system make the IFMs an attractive system to study muscle cell fusion. Here we describe methods for live imaging of IFMs, both in ... [摘要]  间接飞行肌肉(IFM)是飞行中最大的肌肉,构成成年胸部的大部分。 通过将数百种肌肉前体细胞(成肌细胞)与幼虫肌肉模板(肌管)融合,在果蝇中产生IFMs 。 突出的特征,包括大量的融合事件,与脊椎动物肌肉的结构相似性,以及对果蝇系统强大的遗传技术的适应性使得IFM成为研究肌肉细胞融合的有吸引力的系统。 在这里,我们描述了在完整的蛹中和在离体的独立的IFM中实时成像IFM的方法。 (Segal等人,2016年)在手稿中使用了这里阐述的方案。
【背景】胚胎肌肉长期以来一直是肌肉发育研究的建立模型系统(Volk,1999; Chen和Olson,2004; Abmayr等人,2008; Richardson pup biological(Dutta,2006; Oas等人,2014; Weitkunat等人,2014; Shwartz等人,2016) ...

Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Cone Photoreceptors
[Abstract]  Photoreceptors are specialized retinal neurons able to respond to light in order to generate visual information. Among photoreceptors, cones are involved in colors discrimination and high-resolution central vision and are selectively depleted in macular degenerations and cone dystrophies. A possible therapeutic solution for these disorders is to replace degenerating cells with functional cones. Here, we describe a simple protocol for the rapid production of large amount of cone photoreceptors from human pluripotent stem cells. The differentiation protocol is based on the “default pathway” of ... [摘要]  光感受器是能够响应光以产生视觉信息的专门的视网膜神经元。 在光感受器中,视锥细胞参与颜色辨别和高分辨率中心视觉,并且选择性缺失黄斑变性和视锥营养不良。 这些疾病的可能的治疗溶液是用功能性锥体代替变性细胞。 在这里,我们描述了一个简单的协议,从人类多能干细胞快速生产大量的锥形感光细胞。 分化方案基于使用BMP,TGFβ和WNT拮抗剂COCO的神经诱导的"默认途径"。

Aorta Ring Assay
[Abstract]  Angiogenesis is the nature and pathological process of blood vessel growth from pre-existing vascular buds. It plays an important role in cancer and cardiovascular disease. The aorta ring assay is an approach to study angiogenesis. In this experiment, we used the aorta of rat as the study material, cleaned the surrounding tissue of aorta and cut it into 1 mm long rings. Next, the rings were cultured in growth factor-reduced matrigel polymerized at 37 °C. Angiogenesis was assessed at 7 days by using an inverted microscope platform. [摘要]  血管生成是来自预先存在的血管芽的血管生长的性质和病理过程。 它在癌症和心血管疾病中起重要作用。 主动脉环测定是血管生成的一种方法。 在这个实验中,我们使用大鼠主动脉作为材料,清洁主动脉的周围组织,并将其切成1 mm长的环。 然后将环在37℃下聚合的生长因子减少的基质胶中培养。 通过使用倒置显微镜平台在7天评估血管发生。