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2-Thiobarbituric acid


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Measurements of Proline and Malondialdehyde Contents and Antioxidant Enzyme Activities in Leaves of Drought Stressed Cotton
[Abstract]  Drought stress negatively affects cotton plant growth and induces various biochemical and physiological responses in cotton plants. Proline content and antioxidant enzymes are thought to be associated with maintaining the structure of cellular components or with protecting cellular function. Study of cotton plant responses towards drought stress and investigation of the mechanism of drought tolerance are helpful to develop drought tolerant cotton plants. Here, we describe a protocol to investigate cotton plant response towards drought stress through measurements of biochemical parameters ... [摘要]  干旱胁迫对棉花植物生长有不利影响,并在棉花植物中诱导各种生化和生理反应。 脯氨酸含量和抗氧化酶被认为与保持细胞组分的结构或保护细胞功能相关。 棉花植物对干旱胁迫的反应研究和对干旱耐受机制的研究有助于开发耐旱棉花植物。 在这里,我们描述一个协议调查棉花植物对干旱胁迫的反应,通过测量的生化参数,包括抗氧化酶活性,脯氨酸含量和丙二醛(MDA)含量。

Determination of Keto-deoxy-d-manno-8-octanoic acid (KDO) from Lipopolysaccharide of Escherichia coli
[Abstract]  2-Keto-3-deoxy-octonate (KDO) is an essential constituent of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) that forms the outermost leaflet of Gram-negative bacterial outer membrane. LPS is mainly composed of lipid A, O-antigen and a core oligosaccharide. Two molecules of KDO are present per one molecule of LPS. A proper level of LPS is required to maintain the outer membrane integrity and either high or low levels of LPS are toxic to the cell. Various methods are available for quantification of LPS; of these, determination of KDO is a simple and accurate method and it can be estimated either directly from crude ... [摘要]  2-酮-3-脱氧 - 辛酸(KDO)是形成革兰氏阴性细菌外膜的最外侧叶的脂多糖(LPS)的必需成分。 LPS主要由脂质A,O-抗原和核心寡糖组成。每一分子LPS存在两个KDO分子。需要适当水平的LPS以维持外膜完整性,并且高或低水平的LPS对细胞有毒性。各种方法可用于定量LPS;其中,KDO的测定是简单和准确的方法,并且可以通过简单的比色测定直接从粗制细菌细胞裂解物或从纯化的LPS估计。尽管该方法可以理论上用于任何革兰氏阴性菌,我们常规地使用它来测量来自大肠杆菌(大肠杆菌)K12菌株的细胞裂解物的KDO。 br /> 方法:协议取自Karkhanis等人(1978)。它是一种测量KDO的简单,灵敏和可靠的方法。该测定在细胞裂解物或LPS完全酸水解后释放LPS的各种组分进行。此外,与高碘酸盐,亚砷酸盐和硫代巴比妥酸的反应产生粉红色至红色的发色团,其在用DMSO稳定后在548nm测量。

Analysis of Malondialdehyde, Chlorophyll Proline, Soluble Sugar, and Glutathione Content in Arabidopsis seedling
[Abstract]  The protocol has four sub-protocols, which are about the measurement of malondialdehyde, chlorophyll proline, soluble sugar, and glutathione content, respectively, in Arabidopsis seedling by using spectrophotometer. These methods are simple, effective and reproducible, which will help the researchers who are not familiar with these approaches, quickly get reliable results. [摘要]  该方案具有四个子协议,其分别是使用分光光度计在拟南芥苗中测量丙二醛,叶绿素脯氨酸,可溶性糖和谷胱甘肽含量。 这些方法简单,有效和可重复,这将有助于不熟悉这些方法的研究人员快速获得可靠的结果。